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Tuesday, 13 July 2010


BREAKING NEWS! Barmaid stabbed in the back and left to die

BREAKING NEWS! Second Bar girl dead in less than a week

BREAKING NEWS! Barmaid killer now shoots.

A chilling, windy autumn night but Sandra decided to walk home. The twenty-seven year old girl from Fife had just finished her shift at the Kitty Café & Bar on the out skirt of town. She was all alone on the back alley she sometimes takes to her flat that she shared with no one. She could hear the tingling sound of a rolling empty can of carbonated drink and the rattle of dried leaves as if the only piece of orchestra missing was the hooting of an owl. She had that strange feeling that she was being followed, which she dismissed as her imagination playing tricks on her.

“Silly girl, why did you choose to walk home when the bar-girl killer was still at large” she kept saying to herself.

TANG-TALANG-TING-ting! Sandra jumped out of shock and fear and as she turned around – MEOW – she was relieved to see a tabby cat that leapt onto a roller-bin that was leaning onto one of the red-bricked walls around. “Not quite alone!” she thought to herself. Then she noticed something sticking out behind the bin – the tip of a leather shoe glossing under the light above the bin.

With all her courage, Sandra started running without looking back and turned left as soon as she saw a side alley. It was even darker, she was out of breath, her heart was beating so hard and fast that she could even hear it. She kept convincing herself that she is hallucinating. She peaked through to monitor any activities and eventually, minutes later, her fear was confirmed – she was indeed being followed. She could see a man, with spiky ginger hair, wearing a long black plastic-y jacket that shone like spilt diesel under the street lamps. Sandra was completely frozen and did not make any sound. The suspicious man finished smoking, flicked the tip of his last cigarette in the air and left.

Sandra walked back cautiously on the main street, which was equally as empty at 2 o’clock in the morning of a Thursday. Suddenly, someone grabbed her right hand and pull her hard. She fell on the ground and completely taken by this unexpected turn of events, she slowly looked upward. It was the same man but this time pointing a gun at her. She could see the front opening of this tool from hell as if it was a black aura of Satan next to the face of the killer.

“Please let me go, I have not done anything to you!” begged Sandra

“Jack does not like bar girls, say good bye to Jack”, he shouted with his croaky low pitched voice.


BREAKING NEWS! The Police finally unravelled the mystery of the Barmaid killer

BREAKING NEWS! Bar-girl killer shot dead by police officer

BREAKING NEWS! Last target of the bar maid killer alive and well.